January 19, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Monroe County Public Library, 6:30 PM

Special Guest Sarah Powers from Indiana Lake Management Society

Action Items Who uses the water of Lake Monroe tabled until next month

Academy Update There will be some access to the website for all people. Richard has a list of attendees from 2017 and previous years without their specific contact info. Sherry will put info on Google Drive as she gets it.

Cheryl contacted Steve Higgs from Natural Tours regarding his interest in assisting with the FLM tour and he said he would be delighted to help out.

Revisit the question of who owns the water of Lake Monroe and while the Army Corps of Engineers controls the shoreline, the state of Indiana has jurisdiction of the water. Sherry states there would be significant federal hurdles to make any changes.

Field Trip Flora, Geology expert Todd Thompson is suggested, paddle with Tom Gallagher.

Sherry said that Mary has agreed to be the interim Treasurer for Friends of Lake Monroe and if someone else would take this on, she will pass on it.

CSL There has been back and forth with Ryan Conway; a future meeting is in the works. When we are under their umbrella 5% of our raised funding goes to them , but this is negotiable. More details after this upcoming meeting.

Recruitment Sherry suggests Green Drinks Bloomington, recruiting non-environmental folks too. Farmers Market might also be beneficial.

Richard said that Martha Miller was asked if there is a watershed plan for Lake Monroe.

There is a Lower Salt Creek Watershed Study.

Sarah Powers announces that Indiana Lakes Management Society is hosting a conference March 2nd and 3rd. You can find information about this and us, in our newsletter and Facebook. Membership for groups goes to one member from that group. We host workshops, support members’ workshops, gives access to ILMS membership list. SPEA does the lake monitoring and Martha Miller’s student applied for a grant from EPA four years ago but was unsuccessful. File intent by April 1, 2017. Sherry asks about conflicts of interest and Sarah said in those instances, simply abstain. If anyone has further questions, please email her: sara.powers@indianalakes.org

Kevin is arranging a future tour of the water plant

Logo Contest could be announced at farmers markets, newspapers, but we should only attempt this if we have a volunteer to coordinate the effort. Sherry will post call on Facebook for media coordinator

Dave suggests Out and About on WFHB

Watershed Tours Planning Sherry, Tom Patty

Dave Simcox will work on Social Media Coordinator

Sherry is back March 1st