September 28, 2017 Meeting Minutes

 Location: Monroe County Public Library, 6:30 PM

Attendees: Kevin Dogan, Martha Dogan, William Unrue, Alysse Crimmins, Marie Bierman, Dram Primack, Mike Litwin, Michael Cain, Gregor von Laszewski, Cate Reek, Joe Ryan, Amanda Figolah, Howard Webb

Steering Committee Present: Sherry Mitchell-Bruker, Richard Harris, Mary Madore and Dave Simcox (note taker). Absent: Lily Bonwich and Patty Denison.

The meeting was chaired by Sherry Mitchell-Bruker. It opened and closed on time due to the alert timekeeping of Mary Sullivan Madore who was part-time timekeeper for the regular timekeeper Lily Bonwich who was not there to keep time because she had more pressing duties at the Supreme Court.

Introductions: (All) A sign-up sheet is included on the Google Drive listing the 17 persons including the Steering Committee in attendance. Of note was the TIMMY group with Prof Cate Reck of IU. Her students William, Alysse and Marie attended the meeting.

Past Accomplishments: Sherry noted the numerous events FOLM had created/participated in since its inception in April 2016. Included in 2017 was the June Watershed Tour, Bloomington Farmer's Market Tables (3), 50th COB Water Celebration, The Hoosier to Hoosier sustainability fundraiser, water clarity monitoring near Shady Side on Lake Monroe and the wildly successful 4th of July Parade in Bloomington.

Shady Side Update: Michael, a Shady Side resident, provided an update on the logging threat. No easements or permits have been granted to allow access to the major part of the 240 acres. Someone has been tagging a roadway into part of the parcel. Michael thinks the DNR must approve this project (we need to follow up on that).

Treasurer's Report: (Richard)  The largest contribution $352.50 was from the H2H volunteer effort in AugustFOLM has $828.37..

Market Tabling: Mary described the popular tabling activities at the September 16th COB Water Celebration. Children and adults learned how to measure turbidity using a miniaturized version of a secchi disk. Children “fished” for fish bracelets which they decorated before wearing.  Water samples from different parts of the lake were on display to show the difference in water quality. The activities drew nice crowds. FOLM stickers were handed out. Thanks to Howard Webb for the sticker design and production.

Water Fund: (Sherry) The Water Fund is a The Nature Conservancy effort to determine if user fees can be used to aid in conservation and improve LM water quality. FOLM and COB are partners in this effort. A technical committee has been formed to evaluate available data on LM water quality. Recommendations will be made to define a path forward. A report is expected February 2018.

Grants and Interns: (Sherry) Letters of Intent have been filed with the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County for two grants to support interns; 1) FOLM administrative support and 2) water quality data analysis.

Water Management Course: Richard described the course he took earlier this year. He recommends the course for those who wants to better understand the science and agencies involved in water management. Grants may be available to help offset the $750 fee at Purdue.

Social Activities: (Mary) We are interested in taking monthly kayaking trips on Lake Monroe starting in the spring of 2018.  We will look into getting a grant to offer discount coupons for the kayak rental.  IU students Alysse Crimmins and Marcie Bierman have volunteered to help organize that.  

Amanda Figolah has volunteered to organize a family outing/picnic.

The idea of gathering for a potluck was suggested for the month of October.  People seemed interested until Sherry asked for a show of hands of how many people would be able to participate.  Decided to hold off on this with only a few people available.

Projects and Volunteers: (Richard) Sunday October 8th is Cleanup Day. Must be 14 or older to sign up. Information is available on the web/FB sites. It runs from 1:00-4:00p.

It is possible that FOLM can adopt a shoreline with DNR. Ranger Jill Vance will be attending the October meeting to talk about this and other DNR subjects.

Amanda is going to check into a creek cleanup for students. MLK $ may be available to provide transportation. Waste Management firms may also be willing to contribute.

Richard has also connected with Bet Savich at COB Volunteer network.

We are in need to helpers in social media, water sampling, policy leadership, marketing, fish hats and grant writing.

FOLM Technical Team: (Sherry) H Webb, A Primack, G Laszewski, C Reck and S Bruker will form a technical team within FOLM. They will support the water fund effort to retrieve and analyze water quality data as well as provide technical expertise for other FOLM efforts.

Other IU Items: Melissa Laney will be leading a Capstone course in the second semester at IU where students will focus on FOLM and LM water quality.

Next Meeting: October 26th 6:30-8:30p in Nashville at the Brown County Library. John Kennard, Supervisor of the Brown County Environmental Health Department will talk about the link between septic tanks and water contamination.  DNR ranger Jill Vance provide our group with the guidelines to adopting a shoreline.